In the Slow Lane

Driverless Cars

You know, I think the driverless car is splendid technology.  I mean, think of it!  This car can deliver the kids to school while Mom has a second cup of coffee and puts on her make-up.  By then, Car idles out front ready to whisk Mom to work.  All within the speed  limit, of course.  


Car skillfully negotiates traffic while Mom does her nails, checks her Smartfone, texts friends and makes a grocery list.  All in back-seat comfort.  Dropping Mom at work, Car next heads to the super market, picks up groceries from Mom's texted list.  A cooler in the trunk is a good idea for perishables as Car, though she'll head straight home, cannot unload, as yet, the groceries. 


While traditional cars cars sit idly in parking lots or garages, car is running errands.  Think of it!  Mom is freed from shopping chores, kids never have to wait.  Car runs them to play dates or after-school activities.


When your teenager learns to drive, what better teacher than the driverless car?  Perhaps driver training will become obsolete.  Too old to drive safely?  Too blind?  Think driverless car. 


On a lustier note, wouldn't back-seat assignations be more convenient and safer while moving with the driverless car?   I'm not going there, but expect to hear more of this application.   Be alert to possible demonstrations on the net or exclusives in the rags.  Hey, you heard first it in the slow lane!   

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