In the Slow Lane

Are You Crazy?

Six Degrees of Separation, never read the book.  All I know is what I've heard by word of mouth.  But, I gotta tell you, I love this concept.  I mean, this connects you to everyone in the world.  Are you crazy?  Not much.  Read on.


I know a woman who as a student nurse working in a Memphis hospital met the King, himself.  So?  So she now has a connection not only to Elvis, but everybody he ever knew.  I, myself, am a big (and bigger than I used to be) Dylan fan.  Lately, I met a woman whose daughter is a song writer married to a musician whose good friend once played in Dylan's band.


This notion of being connected to the rich and famous is pretty cool.  The two examples, connect me to a huge part, if not all of man and womankind right here in the slow lane.  I love it!  Of course, there's some I'm not that crazy about being connected with, but, hey, it's all or none.  The Dali Lama and Billy Graham.  O'bama and O'Reilly.


A notion that intrigues me equally, the Genographic Project sponsored by National Geographic.  Using DNA, deepest geneolgy can be detected wayyyyyyy back to the time we first started walking on two legs instead of four.  Their theories and discoveries are fascinating.  I, myself, swabbed my cheek and volunteered.  Now my "modern" heritage is mainly Germanic.  Surprise!  The highest percentages of matches to my DNA come from Morocco!  Aha!  That might explain from whence comes my daughter's skin that tans in a heartbeat. 


The amazing thing is, genetically, we are undoubtedly descended from one Eve.  This finding may cause distress in some quarters.  Our founding mother was a black woman.  Are you crazy?  Not much.          

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