In the Slow Lane

Dancing with the Stars

I think I have a wee bit of insight.  Really?  Don't we all?  Yeah, I suppose so.  But I mean I've not been on the planet all these years for nothing.  So?


So, the elderly often feel disrespected.  It's not noticeable until you find yourself in a elder-respecting culture.  Here in the slow lane, folks are mostly polite to old ladies and gents, but don't take us seriously except when it comes to money.  (Happily, not so in my case.)


The youth obsession is alive and well in these parts.   Wrinkles and sagginess, a curse easily remedied by slow-lane plastic surgeons.  They advertise on the radio, for heavens sake!  This in a place that began selling demon rum and other assorted spirits a few months ago.


So?  So I'm taking it a step further (pun intended).  Local senior linedancers, The Boot Scooters, performed at the senior center the other day, scooted their booties with the best of them.  But a woman, not in the group, claimed front row center with her five or six year old grandkids.   Now they were cute kids.  Not a problem with them joining the group, but why spoil the Boot Scooters hard work?  The woman could've taught her kids a valuable life lesson.


So?  There were four or five lines.  They could've easily danced to the side or preferably the back, had good fun, while respecting the dancers.  What a sweet lesson of consideration might've happened instead of reinforcing entitlement.   


Crabby old lady?  Maybe.  But we're not talking Dancing with the Stars.

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