In the Slow Lane

Barbara Walters, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones

Happy Birthday to me!  Here I am, fourteen years into the 21st Century!  When I was a kid, it seemed unlikely that I'd live till the turn of the century.  Oh, no.  My health was great.  But to my kiddie way of thinking, I might not live that long.  Sixty-five was sooooo old. 


I share this birthday with a lot of famous folk.  Barbara Walters, (older than me); Michael Douglas and his soon-to-be-ex, Catherine Zeta Jones (both younger than me).  Then there was the eccentric pianist, Glenn Gould, musical genius who performed only while sitting on a wooden chair built by his father placing him exactly 14'" from the floor.  This resulted in a strange crouching technique over the keys.  His loud humming often blocked out the piano he was playing.   The recording studio had to be hot, hot, hot.  He dressed always in overcoat , mittens or gloves.  Poor old Glenn didn't make it to the 21st Century.  Died in 1982 at the ripe old age of 50.


Today is National Comic Book Day.  Never cared for Superman or Flash Gorden.  I liked Donald Duck, Little Lulu, Archie, stuff like that, perhaps explaining my goofiness even at this advanced age.  Orphan Annie spooked me with those weird non-eyes and thought Daddy Warbucks' bald head was scarry.  Little did I know his look would one day be trendy.


Yep, here I am in the slow lane, celebating another twelve-month, happy to have most of my body parts.  There's food on the table.  I'm rational most of time.  My friends and family wish me well.  I'm a lucky woman.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  








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