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Viva la France!

I'm not your basic francophile, but lately I find lots to admire in the Fench.  Light years ago, french kissing was.......nice, depending upon the guy delivering.  French fries, always a favorite in spite of the nasty business at the time of 9 -11.  The  French ban growth harmones and antibiotics from their food supply, I think maybe GMO's as well.  I admire them for this stance.  French pre-schools are some of the best, if not the best, in the entire world.


Visting Martinique a few years ago, I noticed French families vacationing with young babies, and well-behaved children of all ages.  (A French baby cried and I thought, "Why that baby cries in English!" Duh!) 


The French, admittedly some of the sexiest, charming, not to mention beautiful and, alas, sometimes snobbish people on the face of the earth, have gained more of my much-sought-after respect.  Why, you ask?  They have banned children's beauty pageants for kids under the age of 16.  The reasoning is that children are becoming  "sexualized" way before their time.  Imagine that!  The most sensual of folk, understand that childhood is for being a kid.  Not a time to imitate adult sensual behavior.  Viva la France!


Given the French attitude about childcare, food safety, beauty pagents for kids, I'd be quite surprised if a child goes hungry.  Punishing the hungry because they are poor?  I doubt it.  That's what we do in the US. 





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