In the Slow Lane

Trophy Wives

Though I'm not a trophy wife myself, I've recently been in the company of several peers who qualify. (In the slow lane, any wife after the first one is considered a trophy, but that's not what I'm talking.)  I'm here to tell you these wives prop their geezers up on the dance floor, push wheel chairs, walk slow to match hobbling walkers.  Later, huffing and puffing just to beat hell, they emerge from the exercise room, strong and fit.  It takes a strong woman, you know, to do all that propping, pushing, etc.


Mostly these geezers look happy.  What man wouldn't like a strong, attractive woman to lean on?  I'd go so far as to say it's every man's fantasy, a sub-paragraph to the American Dream.


Geezers sporting the original wife or one in their age bracket often seem indifferent.  These guys don't let their wives talk much. They wear ball caps, but never backwards.  On the other hand, feeble couples often show tender concern for one another.  Must one become feeble in order to qualify for consideration?


Well, yeah,I know, I'm talking the microcosm of a river boat.  For the record, I'm not looking for a trophy geezer.  


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