In the Slow Lane

What's in a Name?

George Alexander Louis, I like that name and for good reason.  Growing up, we had in the family one princeling and his name was George.  For many years, I resented this sweet little prince.  My childish reason went something like this:  If he was a prince, why wasn't I a princess?  Somehow the family dynamic didn't work that way.   Fast forward to adulthood (mine) and his teens.  I actually stopped ignoring the little brother, saw him for the delightful person he is.  Had to apologize, I can tell you, for much childhood cruelty I sent his way. Prince, that he is, he forgave me.  Didn't hurt that I let him borrow my car a lot.


Now take the name Weiner.  Old as I am, I admit to childish snickers triggered by this name.  With good reason these days, don't you think?   A couple of years ago, I would've kept such silly thoughts to myself, but Anthony Weiner opened himelf to public riducule.  He's laid not only his er.....member on line, but virtual cuties as well.   Amazingly, he continues to hook up with (I'm guessng here) big old fat catfish. 


What difference does it make?  Well, if you're some sleazly little undertaker, not a bit I guess.  But to one holding public office, seems like these distractions might lead to holding  other things inappropriately on taxpayers' time.  It's so Puritanical!  Well, yeah, it is.  Hey, we're Americans.  We like our hypocrisy kept undercover.  Where do you draw the line?  Anthony Weiner just leaped over it full bore ahead.


Alas, the man would be "showing out" (appropriate idiom of the South) when little Prince George Alexander Louis makes his debut.  So?  So it just goes to prove there are frogs in the world that will never be princes no matter who kisses them and where.           

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