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Unsolicited Advice: Listen up, Kate & William

Is it possible to be both parent royal and nanny-less?  Somehow, these conditions seem mutually exclusive.  I mean, royals have ribbons to cut, charities to support, galas to attend.  The wheels of monarchy crunch ever on.  Admittedly, I've never been royal, but I have experience with children, three of them, one every two years till I caught on. 


Many a day I would've welcomed a nanny.  Few new babies sleep much.  They scream and cry and you just can't get much sleep.  The first night baby sleeps all night, anywhere from six weeks to three months down the road, is one of life's greatest gifts.  You feel like a new woman; you are young again!  It rivals happiness flooding your heart when first you meet baby outside the womb.  Parenting gets steadily easier in direct coorelation to nightime hours baby can sleep.


If baby is bottle-fed, dad can take one or two of the night feedings.  My husband offered to do this from time to time.  There was one problem:  He never heard the baby's cries!  I'm not kidding.  He slept right through the most hungry and angry screaming.  But I didn't let him get away with it.  Flipping the overhead very bright light on, I took to feeding baby in the bedroom.  Husband blinked and snorted, not in the least bit bothered.  Still, I received great satisfaction flipping on the bright overhead light.  (Alas, these days he suffers from insomnia.  Perhaps, under bright light, viualizing his crying infants would put him to sleep?)


Be that as it may, somehow, I can't see Kate poking William in the ribs or flipping the light in his face.  And I just can't imagine them going through the inescapable night time baby hassle.  Royal or not, parents need their sleep!  What woman, or man for that matter, of sound mind would refuse an infant-wee-hours-of-night nanny?  (Unless, of course the baby is breastfed.  Well, there's ways around this, too.) 


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