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George Zimmerman

The Florida verdict is an event I thought I'd never see:  Law so conulted it allows a stalking, armed, wannabe cop to plead self-defense, get away with murder, go free!  Zimmerman's probably tucking heat into his considerable waist line even as I write.  How clever of the defense!  I mean porking him up to appear sloppy, unfit, maybe even loveable to middle-age female jurors?  Stroke of genius.


Obvious racial profiling?  Oh, come now, in the words of George Zimmerman, himseslf, "It was God's will."  Reallly?  I may be wrong, but I get the feeling God is not fond of murder.  Wasn't there a commandment about this very thing?


This  verdict shames our nation as well as the State of Florida.  How can such laws remain on the books?  How could the State of Florida enact such a law just a few years ago?  Hey, we need our guns.  It's them or us.  The gov-mint is gonna take our guns!  Then whacha gonna do?


Actually, I kinda like the idea.  (Please, hunters, you can have your guns.)  Doesn't make sense to me, though, that every nut and his half-cocked gun has the right to walk the streets and go off at will.  Does the Constitution allow for this?  I don't think so.


Thinking about yesterday's blog, please don't call Zimmerman animalAnimals do not racially profile.  They kill for bodily hunger; hungry ego is not in their diet. 

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