In the Slow Lane

Hunting Dogs and Florida

I've not tweeted a clebrity nor has one tweeted me.  Actually, I've never tweeted, but I don't think this makes me a bad person.  But I have to tell you, this techno-challenged relic has seen some pretty amazing things.


I mean, how many people have seen African Hunting Dogs crawl from the den at rosy-fingered dawn?  They shake yellow and black marled bodies, stretch skinny, long legs.  Licking their chops, silently agree it is time.  The pups need meat and the Serengeti migration is full blown.  "They will hunt," says our guide, and the dogs, seven or eight strong, trot away single file behind the "captain."  He heads for the mixed herd, zebra, Thompson's Gazelle, wildebeest, that eye the newcomers with alarm setting off the stampede.  In short order, the pack targets a Wildebeest with her calf and the race is on.  (That's us in the Land Rover flying alongside in a cloud of dust.)  


Now African Hunting Dogs are nature's most successful predators and it's easy to see why.  Captain runs till he's tired, then drops back and 1st Lieutenant, or whoever he is, takes the lead.   Thus it goes till the exhaused Wildebeest calf stumbles to a halt.  Mom puts up a heroic battle, but it's no use.  After gorging themselves, the dogs pack meat to the den.  Baby sitter dog and hungry pups are delighted. **


The scenario leaves us emotionally drained.  But it's nature's way.  Hunger was the driver.  There wasn't a bit of machismo, ego, bias, sadism, involved in this hunt.  Now think Florida.  Hmmmmmm  


You know, maybe we ought to rethink labeling inhumane and criminal acts as animal.  Seems to me being animal ought to be a compliment.  Animals just don't commit crimes in the slow lane or any place else.


**You did not see this on YouTube!           

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