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Get Nude, Cheer the Lonely, Eat a Hot Dog

July is Anti-Boredom Month and slow lane research found plenty of ways to celebrate it.  For instance, second week of July is Nude Recreation Week, culminating July 14th with National Nude Day.  Now it does fall on a Sunday this year; so unless you belong to an open-minded, over-the-edge congreation in say, Southern California, it's probably best to keep your clothes on in church.  But the rest of the day............


Nude Recreation Week also includes Cheer Up the Lonely Day and World Population Day, both celebrated July 11th.   (Very fitting, don't you think?)  I know, I know, it's kind of late to write about it, but mark your calendars for next year.  Nude Recreation Week and it's special days seem a nice follow up to Independence Day.


Nudity not your thing?  How about hot dogs?  Yep, it's National Hot Dog month,too.  Think about this:  The longest hot dog in the world was made in Japan.  The thing was 60 meters, 197 feet!  I don't know if "little man syndrome" applies here, but you have to wonder.  Also the Japanese often cut hot dogs to resemble octopus.


Hot dogs are a wide-world specialty with all manner of toppings and mixtures.  I'm thinking mostly they're all delicious, but one variation stopped me cold.  Thailand uses hot dogs as a filler in raison bread along with shredded pork.  Hmmmmmm.  Seattle's cream cheese dog sounds kind of sissyish for folks who wear hiking boots.  Iceland's pylsurs, I know for a fact, are good.  Once visiting there, I was pretty broke and hit the pylsur stand a lot.  The sauce, well, it's kind of like runny mustard-mayo and it stains.  But it tastes good.


All in all, seems like July's a hot month.  Get nude, cheer up the lonely and eat the hot dog of your dreams.  Incidentally, today is Pecan Pie Day and the recipe of the day is........Grandma's Coffee Cake.   Go figure.   

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