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Postcards from Hell

Yep, despite what the preachers say, you sinners can send a post card from Hell.  The official postmark is on Grand Cayman, a clever ploy luring tourists into the countryside so as to drop a few bucks or Euros outside the city limits.   Actually, there should be hell to pay for all the bucks, Euros, etc. stashed within the city limits.


Alas, postcards from Hell or any other place are more or less obsolete these days.  I mean, they take time and money to send.  Besides you have to spell.  But  you get an nifty foreign stamp!  A card scuffed and bedraggled plopped in your box is so exotic.  Think where it's been!  I'm pretty sure most foreign postcards are automatically routed via the proverbial slow boat to China.



I found a postcard, maybe from Hell, in a junk store.  Posted November 10, 1910, it pictured the Inebriate Hospital, Knoxville, Iowa:  Several sprawling three-story brick buildings surrounded by vast lawn and tiny trees.  Must've been a lot of inebriates then as now.  "I thought I would drop you a postcard of the hospital where I am at.  You can see for yourself it is a nice place," writes David to his neice.  "I am well and hope you are the same."  Seems likely David had been to Hell if he landed in the Inebriate Hospital. 


In my my snailbox a couple of years ago came a letter and postcard from Iraq.  Many would agree it could've been from Hell, but it wasn't according to the sender.  Through a postcard exchange site on the net an Iraqui young man sent me a card invitating me to his lovely country.  Said his father would make sure I was safe.  I'm pretty sure there would've been hell to pay if I took the kid up on his offer.  Imagine the old man when an elderly woman shows up on his doorstep to see the sights.   (I was sure the Feds would bang on my door any minute, but so far.......)


Just the other day, a postcard from Ahghanistan dated June 25, 2013, surprised me.  In spite of it's being from hell, it was a happy card.  "Hello!  I found your letter dated Dec 11* in the ISAF Specail Forces HQ.  As they say no good deed should go unrecognized (or as we say in Australia unpunished).  Yep, I'm an Aussie doing time with some of your Boys, plus a whole lot of other countries' soldiers.  Anyway I thought it might give you a buzz to get this card.  Thanks for your support.  Kabul Cool Digger Mick"


Indeed, it did.  Thanks wherever you are and godspeed.


*The letter lay around quite awhile.  It was sent in 2011. 



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