In the Slow Lane

Marilyn Monro, etc.

Don't know the actual six-degrees-separation from Marilyn Monroe, but it's gotta be there.  (See previous post.  What a boon this is to name-dropping!)  Though she's long gone, here's wishing her Happy June 1 Brithday as well as Mayberry's Andy Griffith and Utah's Brigham Young.  


Can't you imagine those three having a bang-up party?  Brigham slavering at the mouth, There's no such thing as too many wives!  Andy, ever the gentlemen, Come on, Brig!  You know we don't do that up here.  Marilyn giggles holding down her white robe in a sudden gust of wind.  Ron Wood, the Rolling Stone, well, it's his day, too.  He's not there yet, but that party is something to look forward to.


We earthlings can celebrate Ice Cream Month by eating a different flavored cone every day of June.  That could involve quite a bit of driving in the slow lane since, alas, only your basic chocolate, strawberry and vanilla are served in our town.  Still, what's better than crusing with the top down looking for exotic ice cream?


June's Moon is, among other things, the Flower Moon, the Rose Moon, the Strawberry Moon, all kind of bland, but surprise, surpirse.................It's the Honey Moon!  Do people have honeymoons anymore? 


It's the Summer Solstice.  This happy day I'll be at sea, far from the slow lane, enroute from Copenhagen to Tallinn, Estonia.  Yep, it's true.  In keeping with June's holidays, I'll be checking out the international ice cream scene at several ports of call.


One of the goofiest June celebrations has to be Turkey Lovers Month.  Is this dedicated to fowl lovers or foul lovers?   Even goofier is Fight the Filthy Fly Month.  Is it a protest against US increasing use of drones?  Or is it ained at the annoying household pest that fails to wipe his wings and feet.  Is it directed at men, usually elderly, whose personal hygiene is at risk?


June is bustin' out all over!  Well, Marilyn certainly did.  Today she'd find herself the butt of fat June jokes.  Not so in the olden days. (sigh)  Happy June, and let's hope no snow falls on Buffalo, Rochester, and Cleveland, as in 1843, June 1.         



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