In the Slow Lane

Six Degrees of Outmoded Separation

Six Degrees of Separation, I never read the book, but, hey, I watched Oprah.  You really are in the slow lane, girl!  Wait a minute, hear me out.   I know, 20 years ago, but the idea  always stuck with me.


The first time I seriously tracked it, it went like this.  Friend of a friend at a lunch date.  FoFriend's daughter a song writer.  Song writer's husband a rock musician.  Rock musician's friend played with Bob Dylan.  Think of all the rich and famous, not including Bob's girls, this connected.


I have a second cousin who taght university with James Michener.  That's only two degrees to the world.  If you're too young to know James Michener, check Wikipedia.


The African adventure I wrote of yesterday gives me only two degrees of separation from Meryl Streep, etc, etc. 


Why, girl!  Haven't you hear of  social network.  You don't need six degrees to connect with whoever!  One click'll do it.  And they'll answer you back. 


Well, I do live in the slow lane and I'm kinda old, like to think these things through.  Kinda like to savor the connection.  Yep, soial networking is valuable.  Yep, it's the way of th world.  Still, I think it's cool to mull things in the mind.  Constant flicker, endless scrolling, this stuff leaves little to the imagination.  It can be pretty confusing to the elderly. 


Seems like fifth-grade stuff to have a gazillion friends and see your words in print.  What!  Don't you write a blog! 


Uh..... touche!           


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